Toronto hockey parent needs reality check

It’s entirely possible that, by now, you have heard the story of 12-year old Kayla Watkins.

Peewee hockey

All peewee hockey players, like these, want to do is have fun and get a little exercise

If you have not, the details are here, in the Toronto Star. I got so angry reading this story that I had to absorb it in sections, taking breaks to calm myself. I have had the gross misfortune (there is just no other term for it), over the years at my children’s schools, of working with parents just like the one that targeted Kayla. They are juvenile, mean-spirited and completely self-centred. And, unfortunately, our society gives their kind an equal voice in matters. And Kayla’s is one case where all are not created equal. (more…)

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Montréal Alouettes with 2009 Grey Cup

Montréal Alouettes won 2009 Grey Cup where it should have been played - in Calgary


For the rest of time, the Grey Cup game should only be played in either Edmonton, Calgary, Regina or Winnipeg. Based on the way Edmonton just sold out the 2010 game – before the current CFL season has even started – it’s a no-brainer. Those four cities are the heart and soul of Canadian football. They deserve Canada’s championship game – every single year. And the Grey Cup should never, ever again be played in Toronto. (more…)

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