NHL rules tinkering is absurd…and hurting the game

Florida Panthers’ GM Dale Tallon has told TSN that, at next week’s NHL general managers’ meetings, he intends to initiate a discussion about the possibility of the NHL adopting something called “a coach’s challenge.”

Dale Tallon

Panthers' GM Dale Tallon wants to introduce a "coach's challenge" to the NHL game ~ yet another league rule change (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Sounds lovely but, you know what, I’ve had it. If I read about one more proposed NHL rule change, I’m gonna go off the deep end. I have never seen a professional league – one that has been around for almost a century – that tinkers and fiddles more with its rules. And their fumbling and bumbling continually cheapens a great product. (more…)

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Don Maloney
Coyotes’ Don Maloney received the NHL’s first GM-of-the-Year Award – for best suntan maybe (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Last week, Phoenix Coyotes’ general manager Don Maloney had the newly minted GM-of-the-Year Award bestowed on him by the NHL. Giving a GM an award for his team’s performance during one single regular season is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. It’s like profusely thanking your mechanic for the job he’s/she’s done before you even drive the car. It’s like giving out a Gardener-of-the-Year Award before any plants have broken through the soil. So the Coyotes had one reasonably good regular season – that does not merit an award for anyone, especially the general manager. (more…)

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