Remembering Wayne Gretzky, as his star was born

On Friday, November 24, 1978, at about 8 PM, the doorbell rang at our 82nd-Avenue house in Edmonton.

Wayne Gretzky

In 1980 with Lady Byng and Hart Trophies, Gretzky dominated the NHL from the first moment he stepped on the ice

I was closest to it, so I ran down the stairs and opened the door. Wayne Gretzky was standing on the porch.

“Hi, Steve. Can I talk to your parents?” he asked. “Sure, Wayne. Come in,” was my eloquent response.

“I have something important to tell them,” said Wayne. (more…)

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Coffey, Oilers split marked beginning of the end

If you are an Edmonton Oilers fan – and I’ll admit I am – today’s 23rd anniversary of the day Glen ‘Slats’ Sather sent Paul Coffey to the Pittsburgh Penguins brings back a very strong flood of memories.

Paul Coffey

Not since Bobby Orr had the NHL seen such an offensively explosive defenceman as Paul Coffey

Memories of what a magnificent player Coffey was. Memories of a day that revealed the first crack in the Oilers’ dynasty. And memories of what was, arguably, the greatest hockey team in the history of the NHL. (more…)

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