Stanley Cup Quiz!

Mark Messier and 1994 Stanley Cup

Mark Messier and 1994 Stanley Cup

The other day, as I slogged my way through the 30-question Stanley Cup Quiz at, I realized something – as Judge Smails would say, “It s-s-s-s-s-s-s-ucked.”

Questions whose answers nobody would know. Nothing but years and numbers answers – a recipe for gawd awful trivia questions. And no learning component whatsoever – which is a great-quiz essential.

So, here’s my own 20-question (because 30 is stupid long) Stanley Cup Quiz. Have fun. Please learn something.

1. The Montréal Canadiens won five consecutive Stanley Cups between 1956-60. Name the netminder who played 49 Stanley Cup Playoff games for those Canadiens.

A) Gerry McNeil

B) Georges Vézina

C) Charlie Hodge

D) Jacques Plante


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