Well, well, Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry has put his foot in it again.

Don Cherry

Don Cherry gives his trademark "thumbs up" to a lot of things. Saturday night, that thing was profanity.

Or, more accurately, his mouth. On Saturday night, during the first intermission of the Blackhawks/Leafs game, Cherry was, as usual, plying his trade on Coach’s Corner. And, in a particularly passionate moment, Cherry swore. He said one of the magic seven words that comedian George Carlin said were no-nos. Frankly, it was a shocking moment. One that proves that CBC, when they put a seven-second delay on Cherry years ago, was right to do it. (more…)

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Devils’ GM Lou Lamoriello is crazy…like a fox

Has New Jersey Devils’ GM Lou Lamoriello lost his ever-lovin’ mind, firing John MacLean just two days before Christmas and only 189 days after he hired him?

John MacLean

Former Devils' head coach John MacLean only got 33 games behind the New Jersey bench

Nope, not even a little bit. Lou is a very rare breed among professional sports GMs. He doesn’t give a lick what anyone thinks of him, except the people he cares about – the New Jersey Devils. His timing on MacLean’s dismissal is horrific. He never even gave the guy a chance to get the job done. But Lou always does one thing – what he thinks is best for the Devils – and that’s why Jacques Lemaire is back behind the bench. (more…)

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So, after just ten games with the New Jersey Devils, the media vultures have begun circling head coach John MacLean.

John MacLean

Just ten games into his first NHL head coaching job, John MacLean is being set up to fail by his players

The practice of speculating which coach will be the first fired in any given NHL, NFL or NBA season turns my stomach. For some reason, some feel it’s productive to skewer some poor guy on a spit and turn him until he’s done. The 45-year old MacLean has waited his whole life for an NHL coaching job and, after ten games, some already are calling for his ouster. It’s ridiculous. (more…)

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I’m finding it extremely difficult to like NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. In fact, let’s replace “extremely difficult” with “pretty much impossible.” I’m talking about the face he puts on the front of the National Hockey League. I think fans have to like Bettman to believe that he always has the best interests of the game at heart. I think he has business at heart. Hockey just happens to be that business. And, as a fan of hockey in Canada, that continues to make me very uneasy.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has been spouting his unique brand of NHL logic since February 1, 1993

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has been spouting his unique brand of NHL logic since February 1, 1993 REUTERS/Shaun Best REUTERS


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HNIC's Ron MacLean, Don Cherry
Ron MacLean, Don Cherry were once a big reason to watch HNIC – now they are the opposite

Hockey Night in Canada , with Ron MacLean and Don Cherry at the forefront, is now officially absolutely awful. It has become a joke. I enjoyed working with Ron years ago. Today, he and Don Cherry have been allowed to become horrific caricatures. And the work they are doing is not suitable for a national network. Not even close. (more…)

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