You’d never know it by listening to their fans, but the Toronto Maple Leafs have had a fairly decent National Hockey League season.

James Reimer

Rookie netminder James Reimer has been the brightest light in the Toronto Maple Leafs' season

And that applies whether or not they make the Stanley Cup Playoffs. When’s the last time that Leafs’ fans were talking about anything except “next year” this late in the season? It’s been a very long time. Playoff chatter is still prevalent. The Leafs have not made the postseason since 2004. They probably won’t this year, but all indications are that streak will end in 2012. (more…)

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Believe it or not, the Maple Leafs are in the race!

You have got to love these Toronto Maple Leafs.

Dion Phaneuf

A leg injury slowed him down early but, with his recent play, Leafs' captain Dion Phaneuf has fans looking up to him again

Oh, I realize this country is littered with Toronto haters from coast to coast. That’s OK. We need to look past that at a hockey club that has given a city everything it could ask for during this National Hockey League season. They are right in the middle of an Eastern Conference playoff race that, just two months ago, very few predicted was even possible. (more…)

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Howie Meeker deserves Order of Canada

I am THRILLED that the first topic of 2011 here is that Howie Meeker, 87, is going to become a Member of the Order of Canada.

Howie Meeker

Howie Meeker (right), with HNIC host Dave Hodge loved teaching younger players the finer points of the NHL game

It’s the highest civilian honour our country offers. And no one deserves it more. Meeker is receiving the honour in the “Communications” category. Oh, he could communicate, all right. Mostly his ideas and concepts – right into your face on Hockey Night in Canada. Howie is someone I will never, ever forget working with. (more…)

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In Toronto these days, despite a recent shootout win over the Bruins, NHL talk is as much about Leafs’ GM Brian Burke and head coach Ron Wilson as it is about the players.

Brian Burke

Leafs' GM Brian Burke has only been on the job for two years. It's only fair to give him at least three more.

Of course, when a team starts an NHL season with just nine wins in 25 games (which also includes just five in their last twenty-one), there’s bound to be lots of finger-pointing. And, as the rest of our glorious country knows, Toronto is the Canadian home of finger-pointing. But no fingers should be pointed Burke’s way. Not yet, anyway. That’s because every single NHL GM deserves five full years on the job before that happens. (more…)

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