So, after just ten games with the New Jersey Devils, the media vultures have begun circling head coach John MacLean.

John MacLean

Just ten games into his first NHL head coaching job, John MacLean is being set up to fail by his players

The practice of speculating which coach will be the first fired in any given NHL, NFL or NBA season turns my stomach. For some reason, some feel it’s productive to skewer some poor guy on a spit and turn him until he’s done. The 45-year old MacLean has waited his whole life for an NHL coaching job and, after ten games, some already are calling for his ouster. It’s ridiculous. (more…)

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Bill Daly

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly (seen presenting Clarence Campbell Bowl to Nicklas Lidstrom) issued a statement regarding Devils' signing of Kovalchuk

When it comes to administering its business, the National Hockey League is a complete joke! Sorry, but there is absolutely no other way to summarize this week’s ongoing Ilya Kovalchuk Gong Show. Owners can’t follow the rules. General managers pretend they’re within the rules. Gary Bettman and Bill Daly make their own rules as they go along. Being a fan of hockey is very easy. Being a fan of the National Hockey League is becoming more and more difficult. (more…)

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Ilya Kovalchuk

Today's NHL is littered with players just like Ilya Kovalchuk - they take the money and deliver only points on a scoresheet in return (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

As an NHL general manager, if you are dipping into the unrestricted free-agent market of forwards, you basically have just one question to ask yourself: “Do I want a superstar…or do I want a player with character?” The New Jersey Devils just inked Ilya Kovalchuk for US$102M over seventeen years. Devils’ GM Lou Lamoriello had to ask himself this question before he signed Kovalchuk. Obviously, Lou decided he wanted a superstar. Because, when you’re scooping into the character bucket of centres, right wingers and left wingers, you are not going to come up with a Kovalchuk. Sadly, in today’s NHL, the terms ‘superstar’ and ‘character’ have become mutually exclusive. And that sucks. (more…)

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