I’m not sure, back when the MLB postseason began in early October, that many people would have tabbed the Giants and Rangers to meet in the 106th World Series.

World Championship Series

By the middle of next week, the Texas Rangers will be hoisting this - the world's most hideous trophy

But that’s what we have. While the pitching staffs have a big name or two, not many position players in this Fall Classic are household names outside their teams’ cities. And there is little doubt that the Texas Rangers will win their first-ever World Series. Here are three main reasons why. (more…)

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The ALCS and NLCS are turning out to be, if Texas and San Francisco each win one more game, startling.

Rangers Ballpark at Arlington

With one more Rangers' win, Rangers Ballpark at Arlington will host its first World Series

I cannot say, to even a small degree, that I saw this one coming. We all understand that if the Phillies win three straight and the Yankees two straight, the World Series will feature the two best teams in baseball. All will be right in the world. But if Texas and San Francisco can each win just one more game, we’re going to see a World Series match-up that we’ve never seen before. And we’ll have a World Series champion that has never won it all, or hasn’t won since 1954 (as the New York Giants). (more…)

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All right, baseball fans, the NLCS and ALCS are poised to throw their first pitches as the path to the World Series continues.

Roy Halladay

In the NLDS, Roy Halladay dominated the Cincinnati Reds by not allowing them a hit

And these two LCS series, more than any other in recent memory, feature pitching match-ups that are a dream for baseball purists. The Phillies may have the three best starters with which any team has ever entered the postseason. And the Yankees are not far behind. That should make for some great LCS games…and two very deserving teams heading to the World Series. (more…)

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In a Columbus-Day moment of intensity, New York Islanders’ defenceman James Wisniewski decided it would be OK to make an unbelievably obscene and inappropriate gesture to pesky Rangers’ forward Sean Avery.

James Wisniewski

Defenceman James Wisniewski, seen here at practice, was completely out of line when he made an obscene gesture during an NHL game on Monday

I’m not going to specify what the gesture was, and I haven’t posted a video of it here (you can get that yourself off YouTube). The reason I haven’t done those things is because Wisniewski’s actions are not appropriate for this website. And they are not appropriate for the NHL arena, either. There is absolutely no excuse for what Wisniewski did – and it should be dealt with severely by the NHL. (more…)

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Kitchener Rangers of OHL suffer crushing defeat

Windsor captain Harry Young accepts Wayne Gretzky Trophy from OHL Commissioner David Branch

Windsor captain Harry Young accepts Wayne Gretzky Trophy from OHL Commissioner David Branch

Yesterday afternoon, in the Ontario Hockey League, something happened that fans have only experienced twice before in OHL history. A team came back from a three games-to-none playoff series deficit to win the series in seven. And that is the genuine and pure beauty of sports. We say it a lot, but it’s absolutely true – anything can happen. Absolute euphoria for one team. Crushing defeat for another. And that’s why sports are one of the greatest obsessions in our world. (more…)

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