Rexall Place

Edmonton's Rexall Place was modelled after Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver

Hey, Winnipeg, see if this statement sounds at all familiar – The NHL’s Edmonton Oilers will not play at Rexall Place, even if it’s renovated, after their current lease expires in 2014. That’s what Oilers’ owner Daryl Katz, and his cronies, told Edmonton city council this week. The Katz Group then denied that there was any implied threat to move the team. (That thud was me falling off my chair, laughing) Ringing any bells, Winnipeg? Have any advice for Edmonton? I bet you do. And I bet you’d be advising Edmonton to do whatever Katz demands, right? Because, if you had done that Winnipeg, and built a new rink in the mid-1990s, you’d still have the Jets. (more…)

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Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall was a junior star in Windsor (two Memorial Cups, 280 points in 183 OHL games), but he'll need some help to do that in the NHL

Today, Taylor Hall began the slow build toward his first NHL game by skating at the Edmonton Oilers’ development camp at tiny Clareview Arena in Edmonton. 500 Oilers’ fans came out to watch. Clearly, Edmonton is a city that knows and loves its hockey. So new Oilers’ head coach Tom Renney knows the pressure is on. How will Renney deal with Hall? And how will Renney affect Hall’s career as Taylor begins in the NHL? Time and history tells us that coaches can do one great thing for budding stars. (more…)

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Edmonton Oilers’ treatment of Pat Quinn shameful

Pat Quinn

In 2009-10, Pat Quinn coached the Edmonton Oilers to their second-lowest point total ever - but he should not have been kicked upstairs (Graig Abel/NHLI via Getty Images)

Pat Quinn just got screwed by the Edmonton Oilers. Let’s get a few things out front first. I do not think Pat Quinn is a particularly good coach in today’s NHL. He does not present a good face to the media. He is far from the best tactician in the game. But the way that GM Steve Tambellini, Kevin Lowe and the Oilers’ organization have shuffled Quinn upstairs, in favour of Tom Renney, has made them the most ridiculous franchise in the National Hockey League. (more…)

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Wayne Gretzky and Stanley Cup

As Wayne Gretzky lifted the 1984 Stanley Cup, it marked the beginning of the end of NHL dynasties

On May 19, 1984, the Edmonton Oilers won their first Stanley Cup. And it was the beginning of the end of the last dynasty the National Hockey League will ever see. Salaries, free agency and greedy players have guaranteed that we will never see the likes of the Montréal Canadiens’, New York Islanders’ or Oilers’ dynasties again. And that stinks. (more…)

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Oilers' defenceman Steve Smith has just scored in his own net
Oilers’ defenceman Steve Smith has just scored in his own net

Just two nights earlier, at the Olympic Saddledome, the Edmonton Oilers had defeated the Calgary Flames, 5-2. The surprise road win, secured by a Glenn Anderson goal in the third period, had tied their Smythe Division Final at three games a piece. Tonight was Game Seven. It was a cloudy day in Edmonton. At little snow drifted down around noon. Temperature hovered around zero. And nobody had a clue what was about to unfold that night at Northlands Coliseum. (more…)

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