Calgary Flames’ winning streak all in their heads

Clearly, the NHL’s Calgary Flames have decided to take a page from the Herman Edwards book, “You Play to Win the Game.”

Jay Feaster

On December 28, 2010, Jay Feaster took over as the Flames' GM. Less than a month later, the Flames began their six-game winning streak.

Suddenly, without warning, Brent Sutter’s Flames have decided to pull themselves up off the mat and enter the NHL’s Western Conference race. Six straight wins will put you into a lot of races in a lot of leagues. And that’s exactly what the Flames have done for themselves, with nothing more than a change of attitude. (more…)

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Calgary Flames’ fans should really chill

Hey, Calgary Flames fans…relax! So your team missed the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time since 2003. Big deal. What exactly were you expecting?

Flames' GM Darryl Sutter

Flames' GM Darryl Sutter

In a way, the Flames have the same problem as the Oilers – they reached a Stanley Cup Final that they had no business reaching. The Oilers did that in 2006. Calgary did it in 2004.

You remember 2004. Right before the “Lockout from Hell.” When scoring in the NHL was non-existent. Your Flames finished sixth in the Western Conference, with 94 points. Then the problems started. (more…)

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