Adam Oates had every right to call out his underachieving superstar, Alex Ovechkin, this week. And I said as much today on TSN1260 Edmonton’s Lowdown with Lowetide show, while talking with host Al Mitchell. Ovechkin is a coach killer. For years, Ovi has been compared to Pittsburgh’s super kid, Sidney Crosby. Well, there’s absolutely no comparison.  (TSN1260 podcast is here)

In his nearly nine years in the NHL, Capitals' Alex Ovechkin has been good for over 800 points...but little else


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As 2010 slowly sinks into the sunset, it’s time to close the book on some athletes.

Tiger Woods

Jack Nicklaus won 18 professional majors. Tiger Woods has 14. And that's exactly how that career race is going to finish.

By that I mean there are a few guys whom, if we never heard from or about again, it would not leave a giant chasm in the sports universe. In fact, it might leave some room for a handful of up-and-comers to finally get their due. For these guys, the time has come and, more importantly, pretty much gone. And we’ll start with a player who’s dominated golf headlines for over a decade. (more…)

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With the NHL’s regular season poised to begin tomorrow, it’s time to make some NHL Eastern Conference predictions.

Sidney Crosby

Penguins' captain Sidney Crosby won his first Stanley Cup in 2009. He will win his second in 2011.

Which teams will surprise? Which teams will disappoint? Here are the Big Mouth’s rankings, from best predicted finish, to worst, in the NHL East. (more…)

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Hey, George McPhee, when you lose every single marble you have, does it happen one at a time or in one big dump?

Nicklas Backstrom

Capitals' centre Nicklas Backstrom just became a very rich man

Yesterday, McPhee decided to sign centre Nicklas Backstrom to a ten-year, US$67-million contract. TEN YEARS – for a 22-year old who’s been in the league just three! Backstrom’s salary went from $850,000 to US$6.7M per. Hey, George, did you watch your Presidents’ Trophy-winning Caps tank in the first round against Montreal? Dude, you’ve officially lost it. (more…)

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Alex Ovechkin talks way too much

Capitals' Alex Ovechkin

Capitals' Alex Ovechkin

Washington Capitals’ superstar Alex Ovechkin needs to clamp his yap shut. Clamp it real tight because he’s playing a very dangerous playoff game. Dangerous. Ovechkin has decided that now would be a good time to deride Montreal netminder Jaroslav Halak’s play. This is a poorly thought out decision on old Ovie’s part. Come to think of it, those seem to be the only kind he makes. (more…)

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