Former USC running back Reggie Bush is about to find out that, no matter how big or invincible you think you are, your actions have consequences.

Reggie Bush

In 2005, USC running back Reggie Bush averaged 134 rushing yds per game - and it earned him Heisman Trophy

Because, very soon, Bush is going to have to give back his 2005 Heisman Trophy – the most prestigious award an American college athlete can win. When Bush is forced to relinquish the Heisman, it will mark the first time in the 75-year history of the award that this sanction has been applied. All because Reggie Bush thought he was bigger than the college game. That the rules didn’t apply to him. That he set his own parameters in life. And, the saddest part is that Bush’s selfishness will affect the University of Southern California for years to come. (more…)

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Hey, Hamilton…here’s something for you to chew on…guess how many people outside your dysfunctional little hamlet give a damn about where you put that potential new Pan Am Games/Hamilton Tiger-Cats stadium?

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Since 1950, when the Tigers and Flying Wildcats merged, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have been a football fixture in Steeltown.

That’s right, NONE! Are you trying to look like the most moronic city in North America? Is that your goal? So far, mission accomplished! (more…)

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Brett Favre

In 2009, Brett Favre threw 33 TD passes against just seven interceptions - and he sported the highest quarterback rating of his career (Canadian Press)

It’s absolutely understandable that Brett Favre has, via texts to his Minnesota Vikings’ teammates, retired from the NFL again. And it will be even better if he changes his mind at some point and returns to play again in 2010. You know why? Because it simply proves how much Brett Favre loves professional football. How much he gets from his teammates and the fans and the excitement of competition. And who are we to decide when someone should or should not leave his chosen occupation? That’s right, it’s none of our damned business. (more…)

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Rob Murphy

In 2007, Rob Murphy was named the CFL's Outstanding Offensive Lineman. Yesterday, he was named the CFL's Outstanding Twit.

Toronto Argonauts’ offensive lineman Rob Murphy has been fined by the Canadian Football League and the Argos for violating their social media policy by sending inappropriate tweets. Apparently Murphy, as @bigmurph56, wrote about “smelling foreigners this early in the A.M.” and that the “novelty of riding on a train thru Ontario and ‘Frenchland’ has worn out….get me off this damn thing!!!!” Don’t bother looking for the tweets. They have been removed from Murphy’s account. Same thing that happened to Murphy’s common sense. Removed. (more…)

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The CFL took a progressive step when it allocated its broadcast rights exclusively to TSN in 2008. CBC had aired CFL games from 1952-2007.

Fans of the Canadian Football League are very lucky – because we get to watch each and every CFL game on TSN. Live production of a CFL game is an extremely difficult task. Trust me when I tell you the game moves lightning quick in the production truck. Far faster than it appears on television. It’s easy to fall into “comfortable” coverage and replay patterns, without really stopping to think, “Are we giving the viewers the best, most informative look at this game possible?” That’s why, when televising any live sport,  the entire production crew and commentators must be on the same page when it comes to show philosophy. Here are five things noticed during TSN’s season première from Regina – five things that show why they do a fine job. (more…)

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