The NHL needs Sidney Crosby back

Sidney Crosby

Despite having been out since January 5th, Sidney Crosby still ranks fourth in NHL scoring

My concern for Sidney Crosby and the future of his game is growing daily. Every day his return to the game is postponed, the more worrisome it becomes. He has been out of the Penguins’ line-up for over a month – ever since he was pounded in the head, twice within a week, by the Capitals’ David Steckel and the Lightning’s Victor Hedman. That was in early January. He missed the NHL All-Star Game. Crosby has only been cleared to resume light workouts. Crosby summed it all up this way, “That’s the thing with concussions, you don’t know.” But there’s one thing we do know: The NHL without Sidney Crosby is not a better place. (more…)

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Calgary Flames’ winning streak all in their heads

Clearly, the NHL’s Calgary Flames have decided to take a page from the Herman Edwards book, “You Play to Win the Game.”

Jay Feaster

On December 28, 2010, Jay Feaster took over as the Flames' GM. Less than a month later, the Flames began their six-game winning streak.

Suddenly, without warning, Brent Sutter’s Flames have decided to pull themselves up off the mat and enter the NHL’s Western Conference race. Six straight wins will put you into a lot of races in a lot of leagues. And that’s exactly what the Flames have done for themselves, with nothing more than a change of attitude. (more…)

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