As 2010 slowly sinks into the sunset, it’s time to close the book on some athletes.

Tiger Woods

Jack Nicklaus won 18 professional majors. Tiger Woods has 14. And that's exactly how that career race is going to finish.

By that I mean there are a few guys whom, if we never heard from or about again, it would not leave a giant chasm in the sports universe. In fact, it might leave some room for a handful of up-and-comers to finally get their due. For these guys, the time has come and, more importantly, pretty much gone. And we’ll start with a player who’s dominated golf headlines for over a decade. (more…)

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Devils’ GM Lou Lamoriello is crazy…like a fox

Has New Jersey Devils’ GM Lou Lamoriello lost his ever-lovin’ mind, firing John MacLean just two days before Christmas and only 189 days after he hired him?

John MacLean

Former Devils' head coach John MacLean only got 33 games behind the New Jersey bench

Nope, not even a little bit. Lou is a very rare breed among professional sports GMs. He doesn’t give a lick what anyone thinks of him, except the people he cares about – the New Jersey Devils. His timing on MacLean’s dismissal is horrific. He never even gave the guy a chance to get the job done. But Lou always does one thing – what he thinks is best for the Devils – and that’s why Jacques Lemaire is back behind the bench. (more…)

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Toronto hockey parent needs reality check

It’s entirely possible that, by now, you have heard the story of 12-year old Kayla Watkins.

Peewee hockey

All peewee hockey players, like these, want to do is have fun and get a little exercise

If you have not, the details are here, in the Toronto Star. I got so angry reading this story that I had to absorb it in sections, taking breaks to calm myself. I have had the gross misfortune (there is just no other term for it), over the years at my children’s schools, of working with parents just like the one that targeted Kayla. They are juvenile, mean-spirited and completely self-centred. And, unfortunately, our society gives their kind an equal voice in matters. And Kayla’s is one case where all are not created equal. (more…)

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After 297 consecutive NFL starts, Vikings’ quarterback Brett Favre’s streak is over.

Brett Favre

Brett Favre's NFL games started streak ended last night (in Detroit) at 297 games. It will be the best thing for everyone involved.

Thank God. Games-played streaks, in sports, are cancer. They do absolutely nothing to enhance the structure or work ethic of a team. All they do is put unneeded pressure and stress on players, head coaches, general managers and just about everyone else involved with a team. And, if the number-lovin’ media didn’t keep hammering streak stats into our heads, we’d all be better off for it. In the history of any game, there’s never been a games played streak that did anyone any good. (more…)

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Hey, NHL fans, Sidney Crosby ain’t no Wayne Gretzky

These days, it’s fun for you youthful hockey fans to believe Sidney Crosby is the greatest player in NHL history – mere games from becoming the on-ice equal of Number 99.

Sidney Crosby

With two goals v. Toronto on Wednesday, Sidney Crosby extended his point streak to 17 games, and reached 50 points on the season

You will excuse me for a moment, won’t you, while I lose my lunch. The only way “Crosby” and “Gretzky” should be used in the same sentence is if you follow “Crosby” with “is not even close to both the skill and leadership level of.” We’re not going to dissect the stats to death (because Gretzky wins that battle hands-down against, well, everyone). It’s about the players and how they work on the ice. (more…)

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