All right, baseball fans, the NLCS and ALCS are poised to throw their first pitches as the path to the World Series continues.

Roy Halladay

In the NLDS, Roy Halladay dominated the Cincinnati Reds by not allowing them a hit

And these two LCS series, more than any other in recent memory, feature pitching match-ups that are a dream for baseball purists. The Phillies may have the three best starters with which any team has ever entered the postseason. And the Yankees are not far behind. That should make for some great LCS games…and two very deserving teams heading to the World Series. (more…)

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Exactly fifty years ago today, on Thursday, October 13, 1960, that the World Series saw its most exciting and dramatic finish ever.

Bill Mazeroski

Pirates' Bill Mazeroski reaches home after hitting the first-ever, game-ending home run in World Series history

Pittsburgh Pirates’ third baseman Bill Mazeroski reached out and poked a Bill Terry pitch high over the leftfield wall at Forbes Field. Maz’ homer ended the World Series – the first time the Fall Classic had ended with a walk-off home run. And it’s only happened once since. Joe Carter fans may remember that one. And remembering Mazeroski’s homer reminds us why there is nothing like the spectacle of sport. (more…)

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In a Columbus-Day moment of intensity, New York Islanders’ defenceman James Wisniewski decided it would be OK to make an unbelievably obscene and inappropriate gesture to pesky Rangers’ forward Sean Avery.

James Wisniewski

Defenceman James Wisniewski, seen here at practice, was completely out of line when he made an obscene gesture during an NHL game on Monday

I’m not going to specify what the gesture was, and I haven’t posted a video of it here (you can get that yourself off YouTube). The reason I haven’t done those things is because Wisniewski’s actions are not appropriate for this website. And they are not appropriate for the NHL arena, either. There is absolutely no excuse for what Wisniewski did – and it should be dealt with severely by the NHL. (more…)

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‘Secretariat’ is not a film about a horse.


In 1973, Secretariat dominated thoroughbred horse racing's Triple Crown. Disney's film, 'Secretariat,' wonderfully recounts the lives of those surrounding the great horse.

It is not a film about horseracing. It is not a film about a spectacular athlete who only comes along once in a lifetime. Oh, all those elements are part of this film. But this is a film about people. People who are faced with a series of difficult decisions over the course of the first three years of the great Secretariat’s life. It’s about how those people dealt with their challenges. In fact, if you didn’t know Secretariat really was the 1973 Triple Crown winner, this could easily be believed as a fictional tale. But its key facts are true…and it’s absolutely wonderful. (more…)

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Today, just hours before the NHL drops its first puck in Finland, we’re going to preview the Western Conference.

Chicago Blackhawks

Even though the Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks gutted the squad, their core is still intact

It’s worth noting that, this season, the West is substantially weaker than the East. Far fewer elite teams. Many more also-rans. Here are the Big Mouth’s rankings, from best predicted finish, to worst, in the NHL West. (more…)

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