So, after just ten games with the New Jersey Devils, the media vultures have begun circling head coach John MacLean.

John MacLean

Just ten games into his first NHL head coaching job, John MacLean is being set up to fail by his players

The practice of speculating which coach will be the first fired in any given NHL, NFL or NBA season turns my stomach. For some reason, some feel it’s productive to skewer some poor guy on a spit and turn him until he’s done. The 45-year old MacLean has waited his whole life for an NHL coaching job and, after ten games, some already are calling for his ouster. It’s ridiculous. (more…)

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I’m not sure, back when the MLB postseason began in early October, that many people would have tabbed the Giants and Rangers to meet in the 106th World Series.

World Championship Series

By the middle of next week, the Texas Rangers will be hoisting this - the world's most hideous trophy

But that’s what we have. While the pitching staffs have a big name or two, not many position players in this Fall Classic are household names outside their teams’ cities. And there is little doubt that the Texas Rangers will win their first-ever World Series. Here are three main reasons why. (more…)

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This past Saturday was the 17th anniversary of one of, if not THE, most exciting sports moments in the history of Canada – Joe Carter’s walk-off home run that won the 1993 World Series for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Joe Carter

Joe Carter has just hit the second walk-off home run in World Series history

I will never, ever forget Joe’s moment. His single swing of the bat made the Jays back-to-back world champions. That’s something only a handful of MLB teams have done before or since. It was a magical time for me and all Canadian baseball fans. (more…)

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The ALCS and NLCS are turning out to be, if Texas and San Francisco each win one more game, startling.

Rangers Ballpark at Arlington

With one more Rangers' win, Rangers Ballpark at Arlington will host its first World Series

I cannot say, to even a small degree, that I saw this one coming. We all understand that if the Phillies win three straight and the Yankees two straight, the World Series will feature the two best teams in baseball. All will be right in the world. But if Texas and San Francisco can each win just one more game, we’re going to see a World Series match-up that we’ve never seen before. And we’ll have a World Series champion that has never won it all, or hasn’t won since 1954 (as the New York Giants). (more…)

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The National Hockey League season isn’t even two weeks old and already I am sick and tired of hearing/reading/tweeting/discussing suspensions and what players did to deserve them.

Bobby Clarke

Bobby Clarke's two-time champion Philadelphia Flyers were fun to watch, in a time before non-sports talk began surrounding the games

Enough! What happened to talking up great goals? Dissecting great plays? Revelling in teams’ great starts? Languishing in their poor ones? If there are two things in sports I do not care about…they are how much a player makes and how long a suspension should be. (more…)

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