Hey, Twitter athletes, it’s time to don the old thinking cap. Just because you have a keyboard in front of you and maybe a social beverage at your right elbow, with no other people in the room, DOES NOT mean no one is there with you.

Chad Ochocinco

Bengals' wide received Chad Ochocinco thought it would be a good idea to tweet during an NFL game in which he was playing. Turns out this was not a good idea.

As soon as you hit “Send,” you have let thousands of other people right into your head. Right in. Most of those thousands are people you don’t know. Many of them do not like you. You are not tweeting your friends. You are Tweeting the world. It’s like you have a network television crew standing right beside you. Ready to take the tape of what you just Tweeted and put it on the six o’clock sports. If you wouldn’t say it to a TV crew, DO NOT TWEET IT! (more…)

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