Former USC running back Reggie Bush is about to find out that, no matter how big or invincible you think you are, your actions have consequences.

Reggie Bush

In 2005, USC running back Reggie Bush averaged 134 rushing yds per game - and it earned him Heisman Trophy

Because, very soon, Bush is going to have to give back his 2005 Heisman Trophy – the most prestigious award an American college athlete can win. When Bush is forced to relinquish the Heisman, it will mark the first time in the 75-year history of the award that this sanction has been applied. All because Reggie Bush thought he was bigger than the college game. That the rules didn’t apply to him. That he set his own parameters in life. And, the saddest part is that Bush’s selfishness will affect the University of Southern California for years to come. (more…)

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