4 things to watch for at the Ryder Cup Matches in Wales

In less than 24 hours, the 2010 Ryder Cup tees off in Wales.

Ryder Cup

Without a doubt, the Ryder Cup Matches are the world's ultimate in team golf

As usual, the excitement, tension and watered-down trash talk have been ramping up in earnest for the past week or so. If only because of that, there is absolutely no other event in golf that carries the interest that the Ryder Cup does. There are a million intangibles that factor into each Ryder Cup, ultimately determining which team takes home Samuel Ryder’s trophy. But, this year, here are four specific things to keep your eye on as the teams tee off at Celtic Manor on Friday morning. (more…)

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Today marks Cito Gaston’s final home game as the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Cito Gaston

Since he first took over the Blue Jays' dugout in May 1989, Cito Gaston has amassed an 890-836 record in Toronto

It’s time to say goodbye to the only successful manager in the history of the Jays. He’s the only one who’s taken the team to a World Series – twice. Thus, he is the Jays’ only successful skipper. And, from the day he took over the dugout the first time, Gaston put the Jays on the path to winning. (more…)

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So, American captain Corey Pavin has decreed that his players will not be tweeting from Wales during this week’s 2010 Ryder Cup.

Rickie Fowler

U.S. Ryder Cup rookie Rickie Fowler won't be tweeting from Celtic Manor, under his captain's orders Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Almost immediately, fans who follow the sport’s stars on twitter were up in arms. How can Corey do this? We’re going to be left in the dark! We won’t be able to follow our favourite players! Those were the typical rants. Corey Pavin doesn’t care. And he shouldn’t, because Pavin just made the first of what he hopes are dozens of smart decisions, between now and next Sunday, that will return the Ryder Cup to the United States. (more…)

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As a hockey fan, does the name Manon Rheaume mean anything to you? It should.

Manon Rheaume

Goaltender Manon Rheaume was just 20 years old when she suited up for one period of an exhibition game for the brand-new Tampa Bay Lightning

But, then again, maybe it shouldn’t. It was 18 years ago today, September 23, 1992 that Rheaume did something no woman has done before or since. She appeared in a period of NHL exhibition hockey. At the time, her feat made hockey headlines everywhere – keeping in mind that hockey headlines were a lot smaller in those days. It’s almost twenty years later, and there are still very strong feelings about whether or not Rheaume deserved her chance or was simply a novelty. (more…)

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With 12 games remaining, the Toronto Blue Jays are about to wrap up their 34th season in baseball’s American League.

Rogers Centre

Over the last decade, the Blue Jays have never averaged more than 30,000 fans per game in any season

Right now, they sit two games above .500. Do you care? Have you cared at all this season? Based on the attendance this season at Rogers Centre, no one has cared. There have been plenty of things to care about – Jose Bautista’s charge for 50 home runs, catcher John Buck’s solid first season in Toronto, Kyle Drabek’s major league pitching debut, CF Vernon Wells’ resurgence and Cito Gaston’s farewell season in the dugout. But fans in Toronto don’t care. It’s a far cry from the good, old days. And it does not auger well for the future. (more…)

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