Bud Selig

This is about as bright as Bud Selig, Commissioner of Major League Baseball, ever looks. He took the job, on an interim basis, in 1992.

If I never, ever have to hear another word about the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez, and his fully illegitimate home run total, I’ll die a happy man. Thanks to baseball commissioner Bud Selig, my sports-loving mind has now divided major league baseball players into two categories: true athletes…and cheaters. You have likely heard of all the guys in the second category – Barry “My-head-ballooned-to-the-size-of-Cleveland” Bonds, Sammy “Love-me-while-I-cheat” Sosa, Mark “When-I-did-it-it-was-OK” McGwire, Alex “I-fessed-up-so-that’s-cool” Rodriguez and Rafael “Nobody-lies-to-the-House-Government-Reform-Committee-like-I-do” Palmeiro. There are others. But these are the main guys who make me sick to my sporting stomach. (more…)

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