So, 20-year old Michelle Wie has finally won a full-field event on the LPGA Tour – the CN Women’s Canadian Open.

Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie's victory at the 2010 CN Canadian Women's Open was her first full-field win in 93 LPGA starts

That came this past weekend at St. Charles Country Club in mosquito-ravaged Winnipeg. Golf fans have been listening to Wie’s name for a decade, usually in conjunction with the words “phenom” or “future superstar.” Turns out, she is neither. Although, at just 20 years old, should we even be judging? Fact is, we’d all be a lot better off if the “experts” in the media would simply stop trying to predict the future. (more…)

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Hey, Hamilton…here’s something for you to chew on…guess how many people outside your dysfunctional little hamlet give a damn about where you put that potential new Pan Am Games/Hamilton Tiger-Cats stadium?

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Since 1950, when the Tigers and Flying Wildcats merged, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have been a football fixture in Steeltown.

That’s right, NONE! Are you trying to look like the most moronic city in North America? Is that your goal? So far, mission accomplished! (more…)

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Time, and the long arm of the law, may have finally caught up with former baseball pitching ace Roger Clemens. And he’s about to find out something that Pete Rose and Bill Clinton learned long before him. The strategy of “Deny, deny, deny” does not work. Telling a bare-faced lie to Jim Gray on television, as Pete Rose did during the 1999 World Series, will keep you out of the National Baseball Hall-of-Fame. Telling a bare-faced lie to Congress, as Clemens appears to have done, will keep you out of something else. Society. Lying to Congress is how you acquire a ticket to jail. When will people in positions of influence ever learn?

Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens has now been indicted regarding his 2008 testimony before the Congress of the United States


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Bud Selig

This is about as bright as Bud Selig, Commissioner of Major League Baseball, ever looks. He took the job, on an interim basis, in 1992.

If I never, ever have to hear another word about the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez, and his fully illegitimate home run total, I’ll die a happy man. Thanks to baseball commissioner Bud Selig, my sports-loving mind has now divided major league baseball players into two categories: true athletes…and cheaters. You have likely heard of all the guys in the second category – Barry “My-head-ballooned-to-the-size-of-Cleveland” Bonds, Sammy “Love-me-while-I-cheat” Sosa, Mark “When-I-did-it-it-was-OK” McGwire, Alex “I-fessed-up-so-that’s-cool” Rodriguez and Rafael “Nobody-lies-to-the-House-Government-Reform-Committee-like-I-do” Palmeiro. There are others. But these are the main guys who make me sick to my sporting stomach. (more…)

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Brett Favre

In 2009, Brett Favre threw 33 TD passes against just seven interceptions - and he sported the highest quarterback rating of his career (Canadian Press)

It’s absolutely understandable that Brett Favre has, via texts to his Minnesota Vikings’ teammates, retired from the NFL again. And it will be even better if he changes his mind at some point and returns to play again in 2010. You know why? Because it simply proves how much Brett Favre loves professional football. How much he gets from his teammates and the fans and the excitement of competition. And who are we to decide when someone should or should not leave his chosen occupation? That’s right, it’s none of our damned business. (more…)

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