Bob Probert was a major NHL force in the ’80s

Bob Probert

Bob Probert (right) with Red Wings' tough-guy teammate Joey Kocur

Bob Probert is dead. He was only 45 years old. But his life, inside and outside the hockey rink, was that of a person who faced daily challenges on many, many levels. It seemed he was always in some trouble or other with the law. Crossing the U.S./Canada border was not his favourite pastime. But, during his NHL hockey heyday in the late 1980s, Bob Probert was a key component in a Detroit Red Wings’ line-up that finally made some noise after twenty years in the NHL’s basement. And he played with a passion rarely seen today. (more…)

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The CFL took a progressive step when it allocated its broadcast rights exclusively to TSN in 2008. CBC had aired CFL games from 1952-2007.

Fans of the Canadian Football League are very lucky – because we get to watch each and every CFL game on TSN. Live production of a CFL game is an extremely difficult task. Trust me when I tell you the game moves lightning quick in the production truck. Far faster than it appears on television. It’s easy to fall into “comfortable” coverage and replay patterns, without really stopping to think, “Are we giving the viewers the best, most informative look at this game possible?” That’s why, when televising any live sport,  the entire production crew and commentators must be on the same page when it comes to show philosophy. Here are five things noticed during TSN’s season première from Regina – five things that show why they do a fine job. (more…)

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