Rexall Place

Edmonton's Rexall Place was modelled after Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver

Hey, Winnipeg, see if this statement sounds at all familiar – The NHL’s Edmonton Oilers will not play at Rexall Place, even if it’s renovated, after their current lease expires in 2014. That’s what Oilers’ owner Daryl Katz, and his cronies, told Edmonton city council this week. The Katz Group then denied that there was any implied threat to move the team. (That thud was me falling off my chair, laughing) Ringing any bells, Winnipeg? Have any advice for Edmonton? I bet you do. And I bet you’d be advising Edmonton to do whatever Katz demands, right? Because, if you had done that Winnipeg, and built a new rink in the mid-1990s, you’d still have the Jets. (more…)

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