George Steinbrenner

George Steinbrenner was front-and-centre with the New York Yankees for over thirty years

Love him or hate him, George Steinbrenner was one of the most influential builders in the history of Major League Baseball. Steinbrenner died today at the age of 80. In January 1973, Steinbrenner and a group of investors purchased the then-pathetic Yankees from CBS. Over the decade prior to the purchase, the Yankees were one of the most non-descript teams in baseball. They stunk. All their big stars of the 1950s and ’60s – Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Roger Maris, Whitey Ford (and many others) were long gone. From the final game of the 1964 World Series (which they lost to Bob Gibson’s St. Louis Cardinals) until the World Series in 1976, the Yankees did not play a single postseason game. And George Steinbrenner took that futility and kicked it in the stones. (more…)

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