The NHL’s Hart Trophy has lost all its meaning

Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby won his only Hart Trophy in 2007, joining previous winners Wayne Gretzky (9 Harts), Mario Lemieux (3) and Chris Pronger (in 2000)

The NHL’s Hart Trophy, which was first awarded in 1924 and will be again tomorrow night in Las Vegas, has become absolutely meaningless. Each June, it is awarded to the “player adjudged to be the most valuable to his team.” And the most applicable definitions of valuable, according to Webster, are “having desirable or esteemed characteristics or qualities” or “of great use or service.” Notice how points scored are never mentioned anywhere. Yet this year’s nominees for the Hart Trophy, Vancouver’s Henrik Sedin, Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby and Washington’s Alex Ovechkin, finished 1-2-3 in NHL scoring. Based on the definitions, only one of this trio should even have been nominated, let alone win. (more…)

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