Mike Weir

Mike Weir enjoys donning the 2003 green jacket, with help from defending Masters champion Tiger Woods

In April 2003, just after Mike Weir had become the first Canadian man to win one of golf’s major championships, a colleague asked me if Weir’s win was the greatest moment in the history of Canadian golf. I replied, “It depends if he wins another major or not.” My reasoning being that, if Weir’s Masters was a one-off, he’d just become of the 106 other guys who’ve fluked out one major (can you say Steve Jones?). But, if Weir went on to win more majors, that makes him an elite player – and that first Masters much more significant. After the first round of the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, Weir sits one shot back of the leaders. Question is, will this be Weir’s second major breakthrough?  (more…)

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