Canadiens' head coach Jacques Martin

Jacques Martin is screaming because he knows he's being completely outcoached

Montreal Canadiens’ head coach Jacques Martin is being completely outcoached by Philadelphia Flyers’ bench boss Peter Laviolette. It’s hard to watch. Coming into this series, Martin and his Canadiens’ had absolutely everything going for them. They were riding high. And Jacques has managed – or mismanaged – to fritter that all away. Michael Cammalleri’s production has hit a brick wall. And Laviolette’s Flyers have crawled all over Jaroslav Halak like little orange ants at a picnic. (more…)

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Hey, George McPhee, when you lose every single marble you have, does it happen one at a time or in one big dump?

Nicklas Backstrom

Capitals' centre Nicklas Backstrom just became a very rich man

Yesterday, McPhee decided to sign centre Nicklas Backstrom to a ten-year, US$67-million contract. TEN YEARS – for a 22-year old who’s been in the league just three! Backstrom’s salary went from $850,000 to US$6.7M per. Hey, George, did you watch your Presidents’ Trophy-winning Caps tank in the first round against Montreal? Dude, you’ve officially lost it. (more…)

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