Hey, Ben Roethlisberger, Mensa will not be calling

Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger

Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger

Is Ben Roethlisberger the dumbest NFL quarterback ever? It’s entirely possible. How else do you explain the repeated pattern of idiotic, nonsensical behaviour? Continually putting himself in compromising positions. The two-time Super Bowl-winning QB has now been suspended for violating the league’s conduct policy. How about for violating life’s conduct policy. Time to engage your brain, Ben, and fast!

Ben Roethlisberger is 28 years old. Not 18…28. That’s plenty of years under his belt to know enough to stop doing the things he’s doing. We’ll start with the first publicly stupid move. That came on June 12, 2006, about six months after leading his Pittsburgh Steelers to a 21-10 win over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL. That day, Ben got on his motorcycle, thinking it would be a really smart idea to ride sans helmet. Later, after his skull had bounced off the windshield of a left-turning Chrysler New Yorker, and he was recovering from seven hours of surgery, Ben probably figured out that he hadn’t made life’s best decision that day. Hospital staff announced that there was no “…brain damage found.” No, Ben had that before he hopped on the bike.

Then, about six months after big Ben’s second Super Bowl win – a 27-23 squeaker over the Arizona Cardinals in SB XLIII – he was accused of sexual assault by a young lady. Roethlisberger was in Lake Tahoe for a celebrity golf tournament. Obviously, there was no IQ minimum to tee it up.

Then, just a few months ago, it happened again. Another allegation. This time in Milledgeville, Georgia. Ben has denied both. But today, the National Football League decided it had seen enough of Ben’s alleged reckless behaviour.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Roethlisberger for six games and stated that he must undergo a “…comprehensive behavioral evaluation by medical professionals.” I’ll give you that for free, Ben. Stay out of bars! Stay out of bars with girls! Stay out of bars with girls who are drinking!

Nice work, commissioner. And, clearly, the Pittsburgh Steelers have also seen enough of Ben’s antics. Steelers’ president Art Rooney II said, “We support the level of discipline and the plan for a professional evaluation.” Finally, a sports owner says something that makes perfect sense.

Roethlisberger’s decisions aren’t history’s worst by an NFL player. Those belong to Rae Carruth (serving time for conspiring to murder the mother of his unborn child), Chris Henry (dead after being thrown from the back of a pick-up truck trying to resolve a domestic dispute with his fiancée), Plaxico Burress (brandishing weapon, shooting self in leg, currently serving time) and Michael Vick (I believe you are likely familiar with how Mike got pooched). But the pattern of Roethlisberger’s behaviour is wildly disturbing.

And disturbing patterns of behaviour need to be stopped as quickly as possible. Right, Tiger Woods?

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