Andy Sutton steps right into it

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After seeing this piece of video, I have something to ask Ottawa Senators’ defenceman Andy Sutton. Hey Andy, when are professional athletes going to get it? When are you going to figure out that, in a war of words with a reporter or broadcaster, you ain’t gonna win? Ever. Not even one time in your entire life.

The stupidity continued again last night in Pittsburgh’s Mellon Arena, following a Penguins’ 2-1 victory in Game Two v. the Ottawa Senators. During the game, Sens’ defenceman Andy Sutton’s elbow came in contact with Penguins’ defenceman Jordan Leopold’s head. I have never played the game but, clearly, Sutton went to hit Leopold hard. Leopold’s head was low, and he gives Sutton five inches. Sutton simply threw his body into Leopold. Clean check, but Sutton’s elbow ended up in Leopold’s ear. Jordan was down for a while, then left the ice.

Here’s where it gets stupid. After the game, Sutton met reporters outside the Senators’ dressing room. I watch that and I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe that NHL teams continue the stupidity of putting players in that unequipped position. The reporter is simply doing his job. He has to ask the question. What amazes me is that Sutton isn’t smart enough, or hasn’t been trained, to see what’s coming. Of course the guy is gonna ask the question about the elbow. Hey Andy, you clocked a guy, knocking him silly, in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Did you think that question wasn’t going to come up? Use your head!

Andy, you’ve been in the league for a dozen years, but I’m gonna tell you how to answer this question (and I cannot believe someone has to at this point). You say, “I feel very bad for Jordan. It was never my intent to hurt him. I simply wanted to deliver a very strong check to a player who had the puck. I hope he’s OK.” That’s it. If the guy re-words the question, and asks it again. You give the same answer, Andy.

And the second aspect that drives me nuts is that these players are completely unequipped, by the team’s media, to handle these situations. Hey Ottawa, how about thoroughly training your guys on how to react when stuff like this comes up? It’s like you had Barry Bonds and John Tortorella in to conduct a “How to Act like an Ass in Front of the Media” Seminar – with Bobby Knight as the keynote speaker.

And Andy, one more thing, if you can’t figure out how to deal with this situation properly and professionally – shut the hell up! So stupid.

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