Here’s the scenario…a big-time sponsor throws a cocktail party for heavy hitters. They invite the world’s hottest, blondest, sexiest supermodel. But she’s busy. Can’t attend. So she sends her fatter, uglier sister!

Who the hell wants that? Not the sponsor. Not the sister. Not even the other party guests.

And that’s why I don’t understand why Canada keeps sending a team to the IIHF World (Hockey) Championship. This year, it’s in Germany from May 7th to 23rd.

The team we send – the team we ALWAYS send – will be that fatter, uglier sister.

I was reminded today of the World Championship because GM Mark Messier has tabbed out-of-coaching Craig MacTavish to lead this squad of also-rans.

Team Canada GM Mark Messier

Team Canada GM Mark Messier

As we all know, the tournament is smack-dab in the middle of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Strike one. The team we send will be a cobbled-together collection of guys with a lot of heart…but less talent. Strike two. And nobody in Canada gives a s–t if the event is held – ever! Strike three.

Don’t believe me? Name just one player from last year’s Canadian entry. Name the head coach. I’m waiting. If you got either one of those correct, you clearly work for Hockey Canada. BTW, the head coach was current Phoenix Coyotes’ guru Dave Tippett.

Now, name a player – just one – from last year’s Stanley Cup champions. Get my point?

I realize that since 1977, when Canada began sending out-of-the-playoffs NHLers, our country has won the championship five times. Finished second another five. That, of course, does prove that Canada is clearly the best hockey country in the solar system. We can send our cast-offs and still take home medals. Keep in mind, even the fatter, uglier sister of a supermodel could be a nine.

Problem is, the IIHF needs Canada there. How could they hold a “World Championship” without the world’s best. Problem is, it’s not our best. It’s nobody’s best. These days, Russia, Sweden, the United States will all still have potential players engaged in the playoffs. It’s just that Canada has more of those players still playing – meaning we can send fewer of our best.

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