Common sense, NHL head checks – like oil and water

I can barely stand by and watch the National Hockey League bumble and fumble its way around another hot-button issue – head checks and what to do about the recent rash of them.

If the boneheads at the top of the pyramid (NHL league execs, owners, general managers and coaches) really wanted to solve this problem, they would act on it almost overnight. But it’s like watching kindergarten students trying to solve Rubik’s Cube. Not only do they not know the goal they are trying to achieve, they don’t even know where to begin.

Blackhawks’ coach Joel Quenneville said this about the Ducks’ James Wisniewski’s hit on the Hawks’ Brent Seabrook  – “You hit a guy without the puck and you could kill a guy. It’s the most dangerous hit in the history of the game, all right… He tried to hurt him. If that’s not intent, that’s as bad a hit as you could ever have in the game.” Makes sense and, once you’ve seen the hit, it is entirely plausible that one day soon someone is gonna be taken off on a stretcher and never wake up.

Anaheim Ducks' GM Bob Murray

Anaheim Ducks' GM Bob Murray

And here comes the part that really pisses me off. Instead of shutting up and recognizing that his player may have actually done something really wrong and idiotically impulsive, Ducks’ GM Bob Murray starts yammering on about Quenneville needing to worry about his goaltending and stop trying to run the National Hockey League.

Hey, Bob…here’s a good idea…shut the hell up! Teams competing on the ice is one thing…competing with these juvenile, non-sensical comments surrounding the games proves that most involved in the game are just a bunch of children in size 44 suits.

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